Our team at CRKT PERFECT PROTEIN share a core belief, that is preserving and protecting our environment and wildlife through conservation. By eating Crickets you decrease meat production from factory farms and decrease land used for growing crops. Which in turn stops deforestation and unsustainable agriculture, while freeing up existing land to restore native ecosystems and biodiversity. We support healthy wildlife population, healthy ecosystems, and community volunteerism. That's why CRKT PERFECT PROTEIN has joined 2% for Conservation. 2% Conservation is a non-profit organization that believes more people and business need to get involved in conservation, to insure the future existence of our environment and wildlife. Their mission is to preserve our outdoor adventures and hunting heritage through science based conservation. 2%  Conservation certifies that businesses and individuals give at least 1% of their time and 1% of their money to wildlife and environmental conservation. They don't collect the donated time or money from members, they certify that they have given to the causes they are passionate about.               Through the 2% loop provided by 2% Conservation, bonds are made and strengthened between businesses, conservation organizations and consumers. The businesses and individuals in gaged in the 2% Conservation have an opportunity to spread the mission of conservation, it's never been more important to educate the public. 




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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