CRKT PERFECT PROTEIN is a wholly owned brand of DALAYLA CRICKET FARMS, LLC. We produce consumable CRICKET PROTEIN products using 100% all natural, gluten-free, non-gmo Crickets. Raised in our own in house Cricket farm.
     In 2016,Nicholas Alexander, Dalayla Cricket Farms founder, president and avid outdoorsman searched for a more sustainable and convenient source of maximum nutrition and maximum protein. After multiple failed back surveys, that left him unable to walk, due to nerve damage, drop foot, and spinal fusion. 
     Nicholas was told he'd probably never walk again, at least without a Cain. He learned that nutrition and exercise was the key to recovery. Especially high quality protein. His research lead him to one of the highest quality proteins on the planet and one of the most sustainable, which was Crickets.
    Crikets have Maximum nutrition and with minimum footprint on the environment, Nicholas being an avid outdoorsman and his passion for nature and wildlife realized his mission. 
  Dalayla Cricket Farms was launched. It was tough going in the beginning, raising 
Crickets in his basement and renting the use of a commercial kitchen from a church in his local town, while learning how to walk again. 
   Dalayla Cricket Farms launched only two products in the beginning. A Cricket Meal Replacement Bar and Cricket Cluster Granola. Which we received are first big order from Montana. 
   As for sustainably, a growing population, climate change, deforestation, factory farming, and unsustainable agriculture, 2021 proved to be a year of moving forward in Nicholas's mission. 
  Dalayla Cricket Farms purchased and 100% renovated a 1200Sqft building in the village of Springville NY. Now with the Cricket farm. NYS certified commercial kitchen, and a retail store (CRKT PERFECT PROTEIN) all under one roof, they have been able to expand on their Cricket Protein Products line. 
  The CRKT PERFECT PROTEIN location showcases Dalayla Cricket Farms committee to increase Cricket Protein awareness and produce delicious tasting products, while having minimum footprint on the environment. 
  We invite you to come visit what the next generation of farming looks like. While there you can sample and purchase our delicious Cricket Protein Products. Also available online at our website 
      Eat your Crickets!
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