Why Crickets?

We realize that if crickets are going to be a consumer product, we need to find a way to normalize the idea. At Dalayla Farms we’ve, developed delicious recipes to incorporate our cricket protein powder. You’ll get all of the nutritional benefits that crickets can provide in a tasty, ready to go snack.

Crickets Provide

40% Daily Value of Protein
12% Daily Value of Fiber
High in Iron and Calcium

Dalayla Farms

Dalayla Farms is a family owned and operated business. Our crickets and our products are developed in Little Valley, NY. We raise our crickets with all natural ingredients and solely on our own special recipe of cricket feed with no soy or corn.

Environmental Impact

Compared to traditional animal protein sources, crickets require less food, water and land. They emit virtually no green house gases.

The UN and other global organizations are encouraging people to eat insects as alternative source of protein and as a way to reduce environmental impact.

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