CRKT is a wholly owned brand of Dalayla Farms, LLC. We produce consumable cricket protein products using 100% sustainably raised crickets from our own in-house cricket farm.
In 2016, Nick Alexander, Dalayla Farms, LLC founder, President, and avid outdoorsman searched for a more convenient source of maximum nutrition and maximum protein needed while on annual week long remote hunts.
Nick learned cricket protein is a great source of complete protein, something he was not finding in other meal replacement bars or on the shelves of local outdoor shops.
Sources of ”complete protein” contain all 9 essential amino acids necessary in an active human diet. Cricket protein is 70% protein by volume, is high in fiber and contains more Iron than spinach. Cricket protein has more vitamin B-12 than salmon, is gluten free AND contains more calcium than milk.
This motivated Nick to start raising his own crickets and developing the perfect protein consumables with “maximum nutrition” in mind. In 2019, Dalayla Farms, LLC was born as a startup sustainable cricket farm and producer of “CRKT” cricket protein and 100% consumable protein products. The first two great tasting products, Meal Replacement Bars and Granola Clusters, hit all nutrition and macro number goals.

As global concerns for sustainably feeding a growing world population continue to evolve, 2021 proved to be a year of moving forward and significant growth for Dalayla Farms. In a newly purchased and 100% renovated building in the Village of Springville NY, CRKT has added (8) more cricket protein products to its portfolio and has expanded product availability to retail stores, a bakery and restaurants in and surrounding the Springville Area.
The new CRKT location showcases Dalayla Farms commitment to increase cricket protein awareness and to produce great tasting and nutritious cricket protein products for human consumption. In addition to public viewing of how crickets are farmed, the CRKT space was designed to meet all needs of the farm from hatch and processing to final products in the package. The CRKT space houses the farm, a processing area, a NYS certified commercial kitchen and a retail space.
We invite you to come SEE where your protein should come from and try some of our delicious protein products. Products can also be purchased on our website. Check out our social media pages!
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