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When we except and understand that crickets have more protein pound for pound than beef and pork, contain less fat and more calcium and iron found in a steak you begin to understand our responsibility to the future of our children and to our planet.
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Perfect protein, a wholly owned brand of Dalayla farms, creates consumable protein products using 100% sustainably raised crickets from our own in-house farm.

Nick Alexander, our founder, was seeking a better way to consume the protein he would need while hunting for a week out west.

He had heard about crickets as a great source of complete protein, something he was not finding in other meal replacement bars on the shelves of his local outdoor shops.

Complete protein is one that has all 9 essential amino acids.

This lead Nick to start his own cricket farm at home to raise his own protein source.

After a few years of experimenting, Nick came up with 2 great tasting products that hit all of his macro numbers. Nick continues to add to his product portfolio in a newly purchased building in Springville NY. Where Nick designed his space to meet all of his needs from farm to final product in the package. Within a 1200 sqft space, Nick has designed and built his operating farm, his processing area, a commercial kitchen and retail space. Aligning his goal of creating maximum protein products with minimal environmental impact .

We invite you to come SEE where your protein should come from. And try some of our delicious protein products. Or visit us on the website.

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Springville NY 14141


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