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Crickets - Meal replacement and nutrition-dense food

Meal replacements as a category have changed drastically as consumers began more actively incorporating nutritional supplements such as protein into their daily regimens not just for weight loss but for higher nutritional benefits. Perfect Protein talks about edible insect protein as a perfect meal replacement and nutrition-dense food. 

meal replacement

The advent of meal replacements

As rates of obesity and comorbidities continue to rise worldwide, meal replacements are becoming one of the safest and most effective tools available that enables significant and long‐term weight loss. Meal replacement use provides benefits well beyond weight loss, including body composition and metabolic benefits from its low glycemic index such as improved insulin sensitivity and reduced inflammation. Meal replacements can have a low glycemic index and have a high nutrient density relative to energy density. 

Ideally, a healthy and wholesome meal replacement should contain at least 15 grams of protein, at least 3 grams of fiber, no hydrogenated oils or corn syrup, and less than 10 grams of sugar. Meal replacement products typically provide about 200-250 kcal/ serving and contain most of the essential vitamins and minerals in meaningful amounts. Some products may have other value-additions such as enzymes, botanicals, caffeine, and other bioactives that offer extra benefits to the consumer. 

Nutrition-dense food

Nutrient density is a term referring to the number of essential nutrients in a food relative to the amount of energy (calories) that food delivers. High‐nutrient‐dense foods provide a high level of nutrients with relatively low caloric value, and low‐nutrient‐dense foods provide a high level of calories with relatively low nutrient content.

Meal replacement used to fulfill nutritional needs

Getting enough nutrients through diet is challenging as the body ages. The body doesn't absorb nutrients as well as it once did, yet it needs fewer calories and less food. So it's important to extract maximum nutrition from what one consumes. One way to bridge this nutrition gap is by choosing more nutrient-dense foods.

Therefore, in light of its nutrient-dense features, meal replacement is increasingly being used by individuals to improve performance and increase protein intake for muscle growth and repair. The focus of meal replacements today has shifted to nutrient density from specific health outcomes.

Why nutrient-dense meal replacements are gaining momentum?

  1. Time constraints: With busy schedules and nonstop routines, planning a balanced meal that takes time to eat may be unrealistic at times. Meal replacements offer nutrient-dense food while on the go. This assures that the chances of resorting to fast food or other unhealthy choices are diminished when hunger strikes. 
  2. Nutrition: With the rising awareness about nutrition-dense food, people are very conscious about the food they consume. Meal replacements contain carefully chosen ingredients and measurable quantities of micro and macronutrients that offer complete nutrition that a human body needs.
  3. Convenience: Meal replacements are extremely convenient since they barely take any time to prepare and are easily portable. They can be carried to work, gym, hiking, or traveling; can be consumed within a minute; and do not require any major cleaning. They also allow an individual to easily track the number of calories and nutrition intake.
  4. Health: Certain medical conditions or the inability to eat due to a certain surgery may require meal replacements as they allow a diet check both calorie and nutrient-wide. 
  5. Less waste: With customized servings per meal, meal replacements minimize food waste. More often than not, meal replacements have a longer shelf life when stored in a dry, cold place. 

The cricket powder from Perfect Protein fulfills the role of a perfect meal replacement and a portion of nutrient-dense food. The consumption of edible insect protein is known to offer complete nutrition with its high protein and essential vitamins and minerals content.

meal replacement

Why Perfect Protein?

Perfect protein, a wholly owned brand of Dalayla farms, creates consumable protein products using 100% sustainably raised crickets from its in-house farm.

  1. With Perfect Protein, clients have access to flavorful products that are a great source of complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids produced with minimal environmental impact.
  1. Crickets are very nutritionally dense sources of food. Here is their nutrition profile:
    • 65% protein by volume
    • High in iron
    • High in fiber
    • More B12 than salmon
    • Gluten-free
    • All 9 amino acids
    • More calcium than milk
    • 15% More iron than spinach

Visit the Perfect Protein farm to see the Future of food. Call at 1-716-597-8656 or visit our shop online at

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